I know!!! It’s been a long time! 

I know, I know, I know!!! It has really been a long time since I posted. Forgive me beautiful people. This isn’t deliberate.

Some of us know how difficult it is to move from one town to another, how much more when you move from one country to another!! It has been an uphill task, a lot of decisions and discussions. 

I moved from Germany to UK, I am still trying to unpack and settle down. A lot of paper work to be done. Trying to learn the way of life in  the UK. 

Maybe at a later date I might do the different things I have noticed so far between these two countries. I am not feeling UK yet, I still have my fears but then things can only get better.

I am so sorry I have been away for Long, please bear with me my lovely friends until I come your way again.  This won’t be long. Thank you all so much, wish all a very lovely weekend 👌💞😍🌹

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